The chef of the gourmet restaurant of the Chateau de Chailly (Burgundy)
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Laurent Couturier, chef of L'Armançon gourmet restaurant, in Chailly
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“Cooking is one way of bringing happiness.”

After a long career in prestigious establishments (Guy Savoy, Michel Rostang, the Chateau de Igé, the Tour Rose, Greuze etc.), Laurent Couturier came to us at the Chateau de Chailly with the ambition of making it a bastion of gourmet cuisine in Burgundy.

When he chose, in 2008, to take command of the ovens in the Chateau de Chailly, it was with the will to offer traditional cuisine revisited with a touch of novelty, originality and a nod towards other horizons.

“Undoubtedly for me, there is no more intense quest than that which leads me to discover the authenticity of constantly changing flavours. My cuisine follows the rhythm of the seasons. Wise creation is a constantly alert state of mind and creation is my daily life. From an object, a material, a meeting or a product, next recipe will be born. Cooking is one way of bringing happiness. "